Take Ten AND Begin!

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It’s all about how you start, which drives your success! Starting my day with intention has become a key element of my morning routine. And any routine you create for yourself must be created with intention. In some cases, people will change their eating routine with the intention of losing weight or develop a healthier lifestyle, while others may create a routine to become more productive. But whatever the reason for the routine, it all about the Why.

We are all very busy professionals, entrepreneurs, stay at home mom s or students, and how we start our day sets the tone for the remainder of the day. For me, I like to start my day with a guided meditation for 10 minutes because it helps me get centered with a sense of calm before I do anything else. Oh wait, I do set my coffee to brew before I start my meditation because like most of you, I too enjoy a great cup of coffee. So, for me I " Take Ten and Begin, using this 10 minutes guided meditation and begin my day. Starting your day with a centered on the right now can anchor you in a mindset of looking forward and successful today.

I really am about releasing from your mind the worry and frustration of yesterday. But there are times when the moment I am done with meditation, my mind starts racing with all of the tasks I have to do today and even tasks I may not have completed from the days before. And for this, I have a practice of journaling for 15 minutes immediately following the guided meditation. I refer to this activity as freestyle journaling and there is no structure, filters, or editing happening. Just
writing anything and everything that pops in my head. The objective is to release all the worry and frustrating thoughts that you are holding on to, preventing you from have a focus plan for your day.

Journaling is designed is to leave you feeling more clear and grounded than you did when you started.  Take Ten and Begin is a vital element to integrate into your 2016 strategic plan. You can always increase the amount of time dedicated to preparing for your day, but to set a solid foundation start with Ten. If you have not started our strategic planning for your business or yourself, it's never too late to begin. Of course, I am always available to guide you through my 7 steps strategic planning program to help you ACTivate Your Purpose or Elevate Your Business. Get on my calendar while you still have time by going to my website www.lauracbulluck.com

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