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It is with a dedicated team of community-based agencies, volunteers, mentors, and donors that, “Hope’s Crossing” connects with to successfully eradicate the issues affecting women and their families lives.

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Our Achievements


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Our Vision


Laura C. Bulluck of CEO of Hope's Crossing, with Phoenix Councilwoman Laura Pastor

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Fundamentals of Freedom
Our Fundamentals of Freedom
Building Relationships / Change Your Life / Change Yourself / Fundamentals of Freedom / Hope's Crossing / Restore Hope / Values & Choices
Employment Support & Empowerment Series
Employment Support & Empowerment Series
Budgeting / Education / Employment Support / Empowerment Series / Financial Freedom / Healthy Relationships / Support / Training
Bridge To Success
Bridge to Success
Bridge to Success / Hope's Crossing / Job Readiness / Sustaining Careers / Sustaining Employment
Anger Management Program
Anger Management Program
Anger / Anger Management Program / Empowerment Program / Past Emotional Experiences / Violence
Stages of Change
Emotional & Mental Stability / Principles of Leadership / Recovery / Stages of Change / Training
Grief Management Program
Family Health / Grief Management Program / Health and Wellness / Healthy / Reflections / Support Systems
Our Stories

Stories of Hope

No Evil

Life Changes

This is my story getting to Hope Crossing, I had been in recovery thirty-seven years with no outcome. I found myself stagnated by mental health policies. I felt trapped by State guidelines under a number system. Hope Crossing heard my cry seeking helpers needing to find support from other agencies linking what I relate to under what change and where I was worthy of restoration under a renewal planning to move forward within a quality of life sitting at home was no longer acceptable. People come into your life for a season there are times. Process of a lifetime experience. I found myself going out of my way taking care of others assuming they would take care of me I was the one who has no boundaries. Assumptions make about ourselves, or others how we expect things to be. Who am I? There were belief systems that changed in my …

MY Story Has Power!

I never thought I would be telling the world My story and the journey I have been on for the past four years.  I have heard all the old cliché’s including “there is real power in your story”, I just didn’t think I would be a living breathing testimony to such cliché.  But I have been able to witness that MY story and YOUR story can be both educational and inspiring for anyone who allows it to reach the inner chambers of their heart and resonate with their spirit.   And for others, your story can represent that breakthrough encounter to free them from the burden and responsibility of holding on to a truth that no longer serves them.   There are many people walking around in a zombie-like state seeking solutions to the dysfunctional, heartbreaking, abusive behaviors and grief buried within the belief systems and generational pathology that they …

Media Release No Woman Left Behind

Take Ten AND Begin!

It’s all about how you start, which drives your success! Starting my day with intention has become a key element of my morning routine. And any routine you create for yourself must be created with intention. In some cases, people will change their eating routine with the intention of losing weight or develop a healthier lifestyle, while others may create a routine to become more productive. But whatever the reason for the routine, it all about the Why. We are all very busy professionals, entrepreneurs, stay at home mom s or students, and how we start our day sets the tone for the remainder of the day. For me, I like to start my day with a guided meditation for 10 minutes because it helps me get centered with a sense of calm before I do anything else. Oh wait, I do set my coffee to brew before I start …

Hope Celebrated - Graduation Celebration

Celebration of Hope and Transformation

    It’s Time to Celebrate of Hope and Transformation! Please join Hope’s Crossing community in celebrating the courageous women who are reclaiming their lives, rebuilding their families and unlocking their full potential through the Fundamentals of Freedom life skills and mentoring program. Hope’s Crossing’s graduation ceremony is an important milestone in the Fundamentals of Freedom program and a celebration of the graduates’ strength and determination. Your presence at the ceremony will truly make a difference in inspiring and supporting our graduates as they continue on their journeys. Maryvale Community Center 4420 N 51st Ave  Phoenix, Arizona Saturday, June 1st, 2019 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Refreshments and snacks will be served. Register Here or RSVP by Phone: (602) 795-8098 Unable to Attend SPONSOR A WOMAN – DONATE TODAY Thank you for your support    | Inspire One – Impact Many!