Welcome to Hope's Crossing's 2020 Virtual Annual Gala

Igniting The Future

Hope’s Crossing Annual Spark the Dream, Ignite the Future Gala is scheduled for September 22nd and  we’re so pleased you’re here to celebrate Hope in the lives of some pretty amazing women. You will hear some remarkable stories of finding hope, and the demonstration of perseverance as we shine a  spotlight on the value of human life. This night will Spark the Dreams of some and Ignite the Future of others as we embark on a journey to uplift individuals, families and communities.

Welcome to Hope's Crossing's Annual Gala

C.E.O. Laura C. Bulluck

Hope’s Crossing began its journey nine years ago on a mission to Inspire, Encourage and Create Hope in the lives of women and families so they can end the cycle of incarceration reconnect with their children and to become personally and economically sustainable. This mission is centered on the foundation of core programs and services necessary to break down barriers, engage a strong and flexible support system, all while empowering women to be independent leaders of their own life.

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Keynote Speaker Dr. Jannah Scott

Strategist, Planner, Advisor, Public Policy Expert—Jannah Scott has served in many capacities with faith, government, business, and the nonprofit community.

In March of 2009, Jannah joined President Obama’s administration as Deputy Director, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In that role, Jannah guided the engagement of faith-based and community groups on issues of emergency preparedness and response; countering violent extremism; religious accommodations in homeland security; building resilience with diverse communities; and other issues within Homeland Security.

Her most recent endeavors included:  an assessment and engagement process in cities across the nation to promote the affiliation of diverse faith-based & community groups with local emergency management (Building resilience with Diverse Communities) Her work on Building Resilience with Diverse Communities has been shared across the U.S., with U.N. representatives and with several representatives of foreign nations, most notably as part of an international effort with ISESCO nations in Azerbaijan.

2019 Honorees

Honoring Courageous women who have overcome tremendous barriers to a healthy life and are on a journey to personal and economical sustainability. They are Vision's of Hope for all to see and their light will shine brightly as a beacon for other women to follow.

Kimberly Spradling

My Personal Mission Statement

A Creation of the Creator

Designed to bring joy, designed to give love, designed to bring happiness.

 Designed to exist and emulate the beauty God sent from above,
designed to encourage, designed to mold.

Designed to give from the heart and to life with her soul, for to give is the way of God, The way of the world.

Kimberly, she is strong and determined, she is great, she is bold.  She is never harsh, she’s always gentle, she’s willing to lend an ear.  She’s never judgmental, she’s never mean, her heart is pure, she’s genuine, and she is one of the millions, once lost and unsure.

She’s a friend, a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a queen.  She’s a light in the darkness; she stands strong because now she believes.

She is a Creation of The Creator.

She’s Kimberly!


Rachel Matthews

My Personal Mission Statement


My mission in life is to support and mentor others that have been or are in the same situation. 
I know the difficulties they are facing and will be a
positive influence that they need. 

I am a kind and generous individual. I enjoy life to the fullest because of my Spirituality. 
I believe that nothing happens by accident.

My God has given me the best gifts, my God has made me resilient and able to get through life’s toughest battles.


Highlights From 2018 Spark The Dream Gala


On behalf of women and families in our communities, we invite corporations, foundations, organizations, and government institutions to help further the mission to help at-risk women to become whole and healthy.  Become a sponsor of our Spark The Dream ~ Ignite the Future Gala and help restore hope to women, families and rebuilding our communities.  Review the Sponsorship Opportunities.

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