No Woman Left Behind

local nonprofit dedicated to being a one-stop resource for women in the transition back to healthy and sustainable lives, is launching the “No Women Left Behind” initiative to raise $25,000 and recruit 25 volunteers, to expand programming and serve more women in 2022.

Hope’s Crossing provides valuable resources, programs, and services to restore hope to women who are reclaiming their lives from the cycles of physical and emotional abuse, trauma, sexual assault, addiction, incarceration, and homelessness.

Laura C. Bulluck

“It is with a dedicated team of community-based agencies, volunteers, mentors and donors that Hope’s Crossing connects with to successfully eradicate the issues affecting women and their family’s lives,” said Laura Bulluck founder and chief executive officer.  “But we’re a small, direct service organization and the needs far outweigh our current capacity to serve.  So we’re calling on community members and business leaders to consider making stretch donations and volunteering their time to help make an impact on the lives of mothers, sisters, and daughters who need some support and life skills training to get back on their feet and contribute meaningfully to our communities.”


No Woman Left Behind

Extend your hand of hope today by donating at our website or by calling us at 602.795.8098. Hope’s Crossing is an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Organization. Your donation to Hope’s Crossing can be used as a tax credit on your Arizona state taxes up to $400 for an individual or up to $800 for a married couple.

53.3% of single mothers with children are receiving public assistance

36.5% of Arizona women have reported being victims of rape by an intimate partner

4,377 women in Arizona Prison


Victoria Griddine

One lesson, in particular, Generational Pathology, opened up my eyes to negative repeating patterns in my life that must be changed.  I will continue to work on re-learning new, healthy instructions (spiritually based) to reset my mentality and transform those unhealthy patterns into healthy ones.   

Mimi Pedro

“After serving time for drug abuse and shoplifting, I knew I needed to make a change,” said MiMi Pedro, recent graduation of Hope’s Crossing. Since participating in Hope’s Crossing, I’ve earned my GED, have been reunited with my children, reacquired my driver’s license, secured independent living and have paid off all fines and fees from my time in jail. Hope’s Crossing helped me take control of my life again.”

Nicole Dewees

I can say today that I can actually see promise ahead for my future. You may then ask yourself what that means, so I will tell you. You see there was a point in time in my life where I felt that all hope was lost. My journey began at the age of 19 when I came to the realization that my life was at a standstill and has progressed to where I am today at 37. So now being able to look forward and set goals in my life help me see promise for me and my son’s future. I can actually set my sights on a goal, a dream and know that have the potential to see it through if I just apply myself…

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