Little Black Dress Initiative  

The Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is an advocacy event that seeks to raise community awareness to the issue of poverty in Arizona. Throughout the week of  June 2024, LBDI Advocates will wear the same little black dress for five consecutive days to illustrate the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, confidence, and professional opportunities.

 Dress: The little black dress is a visual representation of the lack of opportunity for women and families living in poverty.

· Button: Wearing the button that reads “Ask me about my Dress,” invites dialogue among colleagues, friends, and strangers to raise awareness around poverty and its impact on families.


About Hope’s Crossing

Living in poverty is most often thought of as low income, working poor, and lack of access to financial resources. While all of that is true, poverty expands beyond income and cross the threshold of our emotional and mental health, cultural poverty, and that of our belief systems passed down through generations. Diminishing barriers for women at the various levels of poverty restores their sense of hope, rebuilds families, and creates thriving and sustainable communities.

Hope’s Crossing is participating in the Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) aimed to bring awareness to the effects of poverty on women and families. During this week-long campaign, Hope’s Crossing will be fundraising to expand programs that will combat the impact on women experiencing all level of poverty. Our programs and services are designed to build self -confidence, self-esteem, and arm them with the life skills and training necessary to become contributing members of our community.  

Little Black Dress Initiative2022

Join The Challenge

Join the Challenge and help us raise funds.

Hope’s Crossing is seeking LBDI advocates that are interested in participating in the week-long virtual event as team leaders and members that will participate in this online awareness and fundraising event. Check out our campaign page: Hope’s Crossing’s Little Black Dress Initiative 2023.  For additional details, please contact Laura Bulluck@602.795.8098 or