Little Black Dress Initiative  

The Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is an advocacy event that seeks to raise community awareness to the issue of poverty in Arizona. Throughout the week of  June 2024, LBDI Advocates will wear the same little black dress for five consecutive days to illustrate the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, confidence, and professional opportunities.

 Dress: The little black dress is a visual representation of the lack of opportunity for women and families living in poverty.

· Button: Wearing the button that reads “Ask me about my Dress,” invites dialogue among colleagues, friends, and strangers to raise awareness around poverty and its impact on families.


Little Black Dress Initiative

Frequently Ask Questions


Q.  Can I be on a team without wearing the black dress?

A.  Yes, but we ask that you have at least 1 picture in the black dress for the team


 Q.  Will there be a website for this initiative?

A.  Yes, we have the Hope’s Crossing website ( ) and the GoFundMe Charity website  

 Q.  Can I make a donation without participating in a team?

A.  Yes, you can make a donation through the website, text to donate, or mail to the



                   Text Dress to 833-592-7788

                   Mail to the office:  1632 W Camelback Rd – Phoenix, Az  85015


Q.  How can I find out more information about Hope’s Crossing?

A.  You can check out the website at

 Q. Is my donation tax-deductible.

A.  Yes, it is tax-deductible.

 Q.  Can I participate in a team without having to ask for donations?

A.  Yes, you can.  We have a number of opportunities for you to be involved in the initiative.  This initiative has three focus areas; Awareness, Fundraising, Volunteerism.  Below is a list of opportunities that don’t require you to ask for donations.


  1.  You can be a storyteller – sharing your thoughts, ideas, and research poverty inequities on the GoFundMe Charity page. 
  2.  You like the Hope’s Crossing social media page and simply share our posts on your timelines and any group pages you maybe belong to; sharing your passion about improving the lives of those living in poverty.
  3.    Share the impact COVID-19 has had on you and how you relate to those that are struggling. 
  4.   Volunteering is also one of the objectives of this initiative.  Talk about the importance of giving back
  5.  Awareness – helping the team with research about poverty and how it is affecting women, families, and communities.  You can share that research on our campaign page to push out through our social media platforms.        

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