Celebrating 10 Years of Serving At-Risk Women


Hope’s Crossing, a 501(c) 3 organization, was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of women in transition from prisons, addictions, or homelessness to a life of work, family, and community.  Hope’s Crossing offers job skills training, housing assistance, and, most importantly, a program of emotional support geared toward creating a new belief system that promotes whole and healthy living.  Through our unique, comprehensive approach, we give women all the tools they need for a new beginning and sustainability.  Over the past five years, Hope’s Crossing has assisted hundreds of women of all ages to develop self worth-worth, personal accountability, and restoration of hope in the family.    We seek to prevent substance abuse, chronic unemployment, and recidivism in order to develop that self-worth which strengthens families and improves our community.

With organizational leadership spanning 20 years, Laura  C. Bulluck, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer leads the organization by delivering programs and services to our clients.  She has inspired management and community outreach by Hope’s Crossing on a path to becoming a leader in the reentry community.  The Board of Directors is formed with a diverse group of community leaders that provide additional governance and support.  Our support staff includes volunteer facilitators and mentors, college and university interns, contract staff, and community partners who together guide our clients on a journey of healing and restoration.   Our programs and services are designed to inspire, encourage, and create hope in women and their families that will enable them to build fulfilling lives and end the cycle of recidivism.

Our core program, “Fundamentals of Freedom,” – a 21-week life skills training program, offers a full spectrum of skills development facilitated by industry professionals and trained volunteers. Guiding women through a process of recovery, rehabilitation, a cognitive-behavioral transformation which produces productive citizens contributing to our economy.  When women complete our Fundamentals of Freedom, they participate in a graduation ceremony four times per year.  After graduation, graduates are inducted into our Community of Hope, an alumni program that offers these women a space to create give back opportunities, roles to advocate for other women just like themselves.  At this time, we celebrate a 92% success rate for women graduating from our program.

“Bridge to Success,” our job readiness program, assists women in developing solid resumes, sharpens their interviewing skills, and prepares them for a positive job-seeking experience.  We are pleased to celebrate the 34% of the women enrolled in our programs who have gained employment and are now working towards true personal stability and peace of mind.

These programs offered by Hope’s Crossing is an alternative to a prison sentence, which helps these women understand the roots of their behaviors so that they are able to lead more successful, productive and fulfilling lives in the community.  Hope’s Crossing is very excited about our latest initiative, which is to provide a holistic, remedial alternative to incarceration when deemed appropriate by our administration of justice officials.  The goal of Hope’s Crossing is to provide a bridge from incarceration or chronic instability to a meaningful life and full reintegration into society.  We seek to strengthen our Arizona community by keeping the women we serve on a path to employment, safety, health, and reunification with their children and families.



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